Chanelle is such a great coach and will meet all your needs without hesitation. She is a beautiful mother/person 100%. She makes magic happen. Customer service is top-notch and I look forward to going back every time. Thanks! 


Have you ever had times when you have felt a mountain of problems causing enormous amounts of stress and have no one to turn to? That happened to me and I was struggling to stay alive! The phone rang. I was surprised as there was a person with a calm attentive voice who was prepared to listen. It was Chanelle at the other end of the telephone line with arms full of warm love, the kindest heart and understanding. She gave me a reaching hand when no one was there, when so called 'friends' all walked away. She gave me strength and positive energy to survive. She is so precious! With all my Love a huge THANK YOU CHANELLE!!!


I want to thank Chanelle for my Reiki Session. Chanelle has an energy which instantly causes you to relax. She was on time, and very professional. My Reiki Session helped me relax and it was a deep relaxation which helped me clear my mind. Before my session I was feeling lost, confused and very emotional. But after session I felt free, alive and happy, I also was more open to talking about my feelings which is something I don't normally do. Chanelle I want to say a big thank you once again and I'm thankful to now have you in my life


I Had my first ever Reiki Session with this beautiful soul sis Chanelle. The session for me was relaxing, her energy connects with you on deeper levels bringing out all that was vulnerable and blocked. After the session I felt emotional but instantly knew why and how to handle it. Chanelle you truly are a beautiful soul with healing hands


The Cellular Rejuvenation Detox has completely changed me as a person; physically - feeling the detox and loosing nearly a stone in the process and mentally, it takes real commitment and the right support to do this, with Chanelle's energy, power of her unconditional love and the amazing materials she uses and all the knowledge I gained from her doing this have been phenomenal. I am proud of myself for doing this but above all I am super grateful to have shared it with Chanelle and to have her help me through it. it was like a big reset into a new life of being mindful, healthy and living in love frequency. Thank you Chanelle 


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