The Power Within You
We would like to tell you a little more about us

Soul Energy 111 works in partnership with other companies in all our focused areas, we also have a great team behind us in each of these three areas. We have made it our mission to uplift and give the guidance needed to create more freedom with no restrictions in life for you and those who dare to want it. In order to create such a unique combined structured business, it took vision and determination to bring this project to life. Chanelle Stephens CEO and Founder of Soul Energy 111, believes that we are all unique beings in our own special way and also that we are capable of so much more than we think we are. Being a loving mother with an entrepreneurial mindset, Chanelle is a Certified Wealth Partner, Health Consultant and Travel Consultant which falls in line with the ethos of having multiple steams of income. Her life experiences have allowed her to understand that anyone can be mentally and physically strong including successful if they want to be. Here at Soul Energy 111, we also believes in having a plan b even a plan c when it comes to securing our future as we are not always aware  what is around the corner.

Our company's purpose is to help you create the life you want on your terms!  

Soul Energy 111 is a distinctive and dynamic company who provide services and opportunities that give you the balance needed in life. We help you shape the way you think and feel giving you the tools to create the mindset and stability needed to set a stable foundation in order to

get the results you need in life.  


Helping people to feel amazing and have that balanced state of mind so they can create the health, wealth and lifestyle they want and need is what

we are passion about.  

We believe Health, Wealth and Travel are needed in our lives, so we created techniques, tools and strategies based around these areas to guide and show you how you can optimise your life in all areas needed to thrive in this world.

By applying these strategies and turning them into habits you can

become a healthier, happier and a more wealthy version of you.

We show you how to optimise your your earning potential by helping you to creating residual income and teach you skills on how to leverage your time even creating multiple steams of income using the right education so you have the knowledge that can help you create something of your own to get the most out of life.


If we want the life we truly deserve, we need to reset our mindset which is the foundation of our wealth and success. Living a design that does not necessarily resonate with us or our purpose means we are not living in our true light or to our true potential.




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Letting go of what does not serve us is another step towards stepping into our light, now is the time for us to unlearn some of what we have been taught so we can learn what we need to in the way that suits and benefits us individually!